History of the Natural Trim
From the earliest record of horse training in 1350 BC, until the Middle Ages when , for the first time, horses were housed in stables inside fortification, horses were kept barefoot.  Until that time, work and warhorses maintained healthy feet naturally, event in the harshest conditions. 

In this country, Jaime Jackson has observed and studied wild horses for 20+ years and has confirmed the simple truth that most of our horses problems are due to their unnatural lifestyle and unnatural hoof shape.  Wild horses, with sturdy balanced, healthy feet, travel great distances over varied terrain every day and maintain healthy, self trimming hooves. 

This natural trim is based on the work of Jaime Jackson and the example of horses, who by living life as nature intended have never needed shoes in offer to be sound and prosper.
Why your horse should go Natural
Modeled after wild horse hooves, this is a method by which your horse's feet are trimmed for correct balance and to optimize the hoof mechanism.

When maintained, this trim will prevent cracks, flares, splits and other degradations to the hoof.

It allows the hoof to provide traction, protection, shock absorption, and heart supporting circulation.

Although it is based on ideal angles, heel heights, and shape, each horse and the terrain where they live and work is different.  Therefore, the trim is customized for each horse.

All breeds of horses engaged in all activities over all terrains benefit from this trim and the associated lifestyle.

This trim is often very beneficial in the treatment of laminitis and founder.

Cost effective...may significantly reduce your cost associated with hoof care and management.
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