We are very impressed with Steve Johnson and his Natural Horse hoofcare.  We appreciate how he handles our Paso Fino horses and they respond very well to his kind and gentle touch.  We feel we have had significant improvement on some of our horses.
    We were told that one of our horses would require shoes for the rest of his life because of an injury. Through Steve's skillful natural trims, his hoof wall has strengthened and he no longer needs
shoes.  One of our mares had contracted heels from wearing shoes and was not able to gait comfortably, but after a few months of natural
trimming her hooves are now normal and she has regained her naturally smooth gait.  Two more of our horses have been transitioned from wearing shoes and it's really nice to have all of our horses barefoot
    Our horses hooves are stronger, look better and don't chip as much.  We are very pleased with our results and highly recommend the Natural Horse Hoofcare method.  We really think it's the right way to go!

Billy and Tricia Whitworth from Tennessee

The Whitworths and their Paso Finos